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Life of Cezary Kwiatkowski is on influence thyroid gland cancer that he survived in childhood, At the age of 12 he decided that only mediation can give him normal life.
at this time, In Poland was available hatha yoga at this time only. Neurosis “force” him to practice meditation. In 1980 he met Kwan um and master Soan se nim and he started to fallow his way of meditation. in 1986 During university education he went to Bei jing to study Chinese and Tai chi.
Because problem in parathyroid gland (cancer surgery result)  he get to learn qi gong from a famous master, Zhou yi. Zhou yi gave him foundation to neigong.
At this time he also met with yang be Yang Jianhou - Lao Liu Lu form. He saw Master Wang Yongquan and who was still alive in Bei jing at that time - he died in 1987. Cezary also met his disciple Wei Shuren and since this moment he was devoted to Nei Gong Yang Tai Chi.
In went to Bei jing 1991 in Bei jing he became pupil of Yang Sa snim a Korean Zen master from Seoul and became a Buddhist with the name of He Miong (Hui Ming).
Cezary translated part of the book by Wang Yongquan. After years of self study sifu Kwiatkowski in 2004 found that Wei Shuren has become a great master and successor of Imperial Yang Tai Chi. My impulse from the Source found Master Richard Wong from Australia who is a disciple of Wei Shuren, Richard Wong is very spiritual and is committed to teaching this tai chi as transmitted by Wei Shuren teaching. He invited him to Poland and became his pupil. In 2009 he received a certificate from Master Richard Wong to teach nei gong.
Author was graduate from evolutionary biology in 1990, his major was evolution of mind of animals.

Cezary is a writer and a journalist. He wrote four books. For many years he worked with Polish esoteric newspapers. He had a radio show. He also made four documentary films. He has been practicing tai chi since 1979.
He was youngest rebirther ( therapist to relive people from birth trauma) in Poland. For many years he was trainer in personal development for companies.
In 1989 he wrote the book of using mind intension to create prosperity. It was bestseller in Poland in 1993.

He is a Taoist close to Korean Zen. He was married in the Koran Buddhist Zen Temple. He is very close to Taoist alchemy of immortality and the Taoist way to create things by thoughts. Main achievement of his spiritual path is to understand that all ways, dharmas or philosophies were created by human mind and they are just ideas or thoughts, they mean nothing without  hands on experience. It important to explore on oneself experience Tai chi neigong is very good way to explore yourself. As we explore ourselves we find our own truth. Is good to have friendly advices work. It is worthwhile seeking advice guidance from accomplished master.

The most important of his teaching is understanding of neigong. As teaching of Wang Yong quan main thing is to understand that her is no simple answer. All answer come from self-practice and is very personal. Imperial Yang is the way that yang family share his skill in Imperial court. There is no imitation of movement  or fallowing simple advices. The is only helping in self study.
Part of secret transmission is meditation of three inner harmonies. Because this is not be say by words only meeting with on privet classes can give an answer what this is about.
Second part of secret transmission of yang family id Rou shou, The teaching is by experience of roads of energy,
Third part of secret transmission of yang family is form Lao Liu Lu that is basic exercise of yang family.
He is student of Master Wong personal student of Great master Wei Shuren.




He asked sifu Wong to Poland and stay his pupil. He get instruktor cerificat in 2009. he is author of Imperial Tai Chi.

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