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YANG 22 movements

Extracted by Wei Shu Ren from the "Lao Liu Lu" (The old six routines), and 89 movement routine also named secret transmission by Yang Jianhou.

Perhaps the most notable is the emphasis on the practice of nei-gong and the solid explanations of making it effective in the martial practices. As well as this, there is the following example of other characteristics:

1 One "Asking the Star": Is a very useful technique especially in the exercises, whose meaning comes from "aiming at the target" This movement contributes to the active part of Shén ("spirit")
2 Two globes of qi in the palms of the hands. They are exercised a lot in nei-gong. Used to push others off balance, like the 3 rings of qi.
3 Three rings of qi that surround the hips, waist and shoulders. Their use in the exercises are effective and in addition allow more fluid accurate movements.
Form a bell.

The most prominent are:

1 wen xing (one asking the star)

2 qi qíur (two globes of q)

3 qì qunr (three rings of qi)

4 using 3 gates ( san guan)

The hoop that maintains the bell. Which corresponds to the neck. Is movable.
The point located between the previous point and point 3. This corresponds to the chest, and is unmovable ("dead")
The central point corresponds to the waist. Which is movable.
The point located between point 3 and 5 corresponds to the midpoint between the waist and the coccyx (base of the spine). It is unmovable ("dead")
The clapper of the bell corresponds to the coccyx which is movable.

The armpits maintain "man tou" (steamed dumpling) serve to control the correct position of the arms.
Heaven and Earth (trigrams Qian and Kun) is a small detail within the movements, as the White Crane Extends its Wings, to openly show it’s purpose.

The five divisions in the positions of the feet: Which depict 5 points, (1) is one of the feet, (5) the other foot, (3) is right in the centre between both feet, and points (2) and (4) in between points 1 and 3 and 3 and 5 respectively. This serves to control the correction in the movement and the distribution of weight. In general the movement is made by way of tilting between points 2 and 4.
The four requirements to practice the exercise, that are four simultaneous stages of learning:

Song = to relax

San = to become lose

Tong = to flow

Kong = to be empty, conected with the Sourse

When doing the movements it is necessary to acheive:

sòng (to be RELAXED),

wên (to be STABLE, BALANCED),

mán (to make it SLOW),

yún (to make it HOMOGENOUS, UNIFORM)

Three basic elements

Shén: Translated like spirit. It relates to the spirit that we mean when saying, for example: "He has enterprising spirit, to raise the spirit, the eyes are the mirror of the soul…" The eyes are an expression of the Shén.

Yì: Mind-intention-will. Not treated like the rational mind, but a capacity to "guide", a type of decision making, the will to do it, intentional, but not logical or rational, a "more primary" mind. Mind-intention

Qì: power that make this Unwires going

The essence of theory boxing in ancient yang is ba jing

Taijiquan Neigong from The Secret Yang Family Teachings
(it forms Internal Yang) Wei Shu Ren

1. Beginning the exercise.

2. The horse shaking its main, left and right

3. The White Crane shows its wings

4. Twist step and brush knee, Left and Right

5. Playing the guitar.

6. Monkey moving bakward, left and right

7. Catching the Sparrow tail, left and right

8. Moving the hands like clouds

9, Simple whip

10. Caressing the horses neck

11. Separating of right foot

12. Both fists cross the ears

13, Stamp your heel to the left

14. The Jade Lady work on shuttle, left and right

15. Lower to the right and the golden rooster stands on one foot

16. Lower to the left and the golden rooster stands on the other foot

17. The needle at the bottom of the sea

18. The fan crosses the back

19. Turn the body and throw the hammer

20, Step backwards, turn and lower the body, intercept and strike

21. As if everything was closed

22. Cross the hands gather

  1. Pictures of moment available in pdf

22 form pdf, sifu Cezary Kwiatkowski